Monday, January 30, 2012


Well, I guess to start out I should begin by saying that my son is no longer a "newborn." Not that he ever really was....due to his size, appetite and personality...but he has now moved on to infant at 6mo old.
         At this point, I am still trying to figure out how I got him out of me, let alone how he has made it to this age safely and healthily. If you are anything like me, and the last few months have just been a daze, then you understand what it is I'm talking about.

         Finally, we have reached a stage where we are consistently sleeping throughout the night. Up until now it has been a few days of restful wonderful peaceful glorious sleep and then its up at anywhere between 2am and 4am.....stumbling through the black abyss never to know which torture device you may stub on our way into the baby's room. But all and all I must say that I never thought I would be so "lucky" (knock on wood) He can sleep 12 hours straight at night.....and if he does wake up on those occasions he doesn't stir enough for the monitor to pick it up.
        Truly up until this point I thought parenting was going to kill me. Granted women have been doing this since the dawn of time. But I couldn't see me making it through the first month let alone the next 18 years. Between feeding issues, pooping catastrophes, no sleep and being a full time student as well; I wasn't sure where I was getting the energy to do it all and was very certain that one day it was going to cease.
        But, alas we made it here and I am sure that though things are about to get much more interesting and exhausting with the upcoming realization of self-movement, we will figure out how to survive.
        And as I have successfully done so far, SO SHALL YOU! GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS!

Foods....yay or nay?

              This is a very controversial topic in my opinion. There has been alot of deliberation and time spent on the decision I made and I recommend to you to do the same. Do not take just one persons opinion on this matter. Consult your doctor if you have concerns that your child is not getting enough. If they feed and are still putting off the ques that they want more or they have difficulty keeping down their breast milk/formula; this could be a good indication that something more needs to be done.
               My son from the time he was born.....had feeding problems. We attempted breast feeding vigorously. He latched on like a natural but unfortunately I was not producing the amount he needed. We consulted with the hospital, the home health nurse and a certified lactation consultant. We tried feeding and pumping and nipple shield and Raglan (prescription medication) to spike my production and nothing helped. Eventually, with much tear on my heart, I made the decision to go completely formula feeding.
               From the day that we started formula until he was 2.5 months old we went through 7 different kinds of formula (at least). And not one of them did he hold down. Granted, he continued to gain weight and was perfectly healthy. The doctors first suspected Gastroesophogial Reflux Disease (GERD) was the cause of the continuous spitting up. We then tried Zantac (prescription medication) to see if that would calm it down. NO GO! We tried hypoallergenic formulas (which he still to this day drinks) to see if that would help. Same thing. Finally I spoke with my son's pediatrician and said "I don't believe that he is having reflux." One of the things that they look for in that diagnoses is arching of the back and painful reactions during episodes of spitting up. Which my son did not do. I still whole heartedly believe that he may be slightly lactose intolerant but we finally found a system that seems to work. I personally felt that because he was wanting so much, that the reason he was spitting up so much and so frequently was because there was to much liquid in his stomach for him to hold. Any amount of pressure would cause him to spit up and not just a mouthful. He would spit up enough to cover a 6in-12in area of the carpet, himself and who ever was possibly holding him at the time. Scary, indeed.
                Now, I will start out by stating plainly and clearly that before any decision is made you need to ensure that your child is ready. Also, speaking with your doctors about your concerns will not only reassure you that you are making a rational decision but bring about more options than just what runs through our minds at the time.
                I couldn't handle the thought of him being uncomfortable for even a second. I wanted something to change. At 1-1.5 months my son started getting cereal.  Now, this was discussed with the doctors and was given approval prior to implementing. He was trying to eat 6-8oz bottles. He would scream unless he was given this amount.
               They say not to give children baby foods until 6mo of age. By 3 months my son was eating vegetables by spoon. He still continued spitting up but with the veggies we were able to cut down the amount of formula just slightly. We did follow the 4-5 day rule with each new addition of food and very closely watched for reactions.
               Following this we added fruits and he did wonderfully. So on and so forth to the point that he is now 7mo old and eating what mommy makes for dinner. That's right my 7mo old eats table food. And he also only eats a full meal 3 times daily. Also he gets only 4oz of formula with each feeding. That equals out to be about 12oz of formula daily.  At this point I must tell you that when he was born he was 9lbs 1 1/2oz. Today he is 19lbs 6oz and has never even so much as had diaper rash. Perfectly healthy and perfectly happy. For the past month I can count the number of times that he has spit up on my fingers.Which makes me a very happy momma. The things that aided the decision I made for him was 1) speaking with his pediatrician...she made me feel as though the decision was mine to make, and she also made me feel confident that I was choosing what was best for his well being. 2) my own mother, told me that I was eating table foods at 6mo or earlier. I personally do not have one single food allergy. 3) my own instincts. I researched several websites, books and any other informational source I could get my hands on. I wanted to figure out if any other mothers had been dealing with similar situations and what the consequence could be if I made a mistake.
                I strongly urge you to look at all possibilities and all information available before making a final decision for your child. The number one thing I have kept in mind and still do today is that ALL children are DIFFERENT. Otherwise they would come with instruction manuals (which I know sometimes we all wish they did). Listen and watch the signals that your child puts off to you. It may be difficult at first but given enough time you will realize what you children are telling you they need.
                Again, ALL OF THIS IS STRICTLY JUST MY OPINIONS AND EXPERIENCES. Do not mistake me for someone telling you that this is something you should do immediately, that it is 100% guaranteed to work or anything of the like. I am only offering information to help any mothers (new or nervous) see a similar situation and how it played out.